Princess Run Here We Come

In less than a week our running lives will intersect and we will meet for one more run together. For some of us it will be the first time ever meeting, for others we will be getting a chance to catch up on old times. The same goes for the course, for some it will be a brand new experience while others have run Disney races and experienced the long waits, seen the overabundance or portajohns, and been amazed at not only the extensive prestaging but the fast turn around on clean up.

I don’t know why but when I started running the Princess Race I had my goal set on running the first 5. I have to thank Trish Holmes for suggesting we run the first one in 2009. Each year it has been so very different. And this year is the first where we really have a large group running together. I think I am most excited and nervous about that.

The excitement stems from the fact that I have always seen groups of friends running these races together. And for some reason I never could get many people to get as excited about going out and running as I was. But conversely I am nervous because with other people running with me I am afraid of letting them down on the course.

With a few days left, one long training run left, and then just a taper I am more excited about this run than I have been about a run in a long time. Thank you everyone for making this happen, we’ll see you in a few days.


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