The last two weeks have been rather difficult for me. I have had to make myself not go running. After being used to moving stopping is difficult. I would imagine it is nearly as difficult as asking a kid to freeze when they play freeze tag. Kids don’t like to sit still. They need to wiggle.

Each morning I wake up thinking I should go for a run. The fact that it’s written on my calendar reinforces this feeling. But then I stand up and my foot aches. So I resign myself to saying one more day of rest.

This close to a big run it’s really not worth it. I expect my cardio may not be where I want it to be. And on race day my legs might feel a little rusty from all the time off. But my foot will thank me.

Disney Princess Half Marathon, here we come!


  1. Thanks, I actually have very little problem with the starting running, it’s the stopping running when I’m getting injured that I have issues with. I am getting better at it though. With a half marathon this weekend, there is no need risking a foot injury that will sideline me.


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