What is family?

Family. It is this word we use to describe the people we love, we care about, and who care about us. Over the years the idea of family has changed. It used to invoke images of a mom and dad with some kids. Now family has morphed into what works for you.

With the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, the picture of family in the military is going to change dramatically. A few months ago we saw the first kiss with two women and most recently we saw the first kiss with two men. I would imagine that the image brings joy to some people while also causing some people to feel great discomfort.

This change and these pictures means we are going to deal with something brand new, families. There will be children to go along with these couples. Now I’m not going to argue whether it’s right or wrong for a gay couple to raise a child, but I am going to say that there will be challenges. It will be the same challenges that any other dual military couple has faced, or single parent has faced, or even a couple with a spouse that stays at home will face.

There will be deployments, there will be times when it feels nearly impossible to find childcare, and there will be times when the spouse will need to get a new job in every city they live. I just hope that we are able to share our experiences with these new families to make sure they are able to continue to have productive military careers.


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