Post-Race Blues

Post-Race Blues

For several months we have been planning, preparing, and training for the Princess Marathon. The day finally came, we all ran our race, our spectators cheered us on, our costume makes made us fun outfits. Now it is over. It feels a little like Christmas after you’ve opened all the presents and eaten all the food. I guess I would equate it to the “what now” feeling.

Don’t worry this is a normal feeling. Most people go through this after any big event.

 Things to be wary of while you are in the post-race mode.

 -If you continue to eat as many calories as you were during training and you aren’t training those calories find a home somewhere on your body.


-If you ran for the sole purpose of checking the box and saying I ran a half-marathon, congratulations goal complete. Please resume normal living. But if this is your passion. Take a break, let your muscles and joints recover. And get back on the road and start running again. Find a new race (doesn’t have to be a long one) and sign up.


-Find a home for your medal. If you don’t it will end up in a closet or drawer. You earned it so display it proudly.


-Especially if this is your first big race, you need to order at least one race photo. Even if you look awful, but it is a great way to preserve the memory of your accomplishment.


Remember this feeling won’t last forever. Soon enough you will be gearing up for another  race. And you’ll get to benefit from the endorphins one more time.


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