My contribution

I brought my uniforms home from work, I’ve got my travel plans, now I just need to put some polish on my shoes.

As I get ready for the Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium, I want to take some time to figure out not only what I can get out of the gathering but what I can bring to the table. This is one of the questions we ask the students at the Senior Enlisted Academy, how did they contribute to the class.

It would be easy for Lorna and I to spend two days being spectators. I would even go so far as saying we would get a lot of good information that way. But after watching the clip on TED a few weeks ago about women and leadership, I want to take a seat at the big table.

I still have some time to think about my contribution. In the mean time I guess I should focus my energy on laundry, packing, and writing my paper on Emotional Intelligence.


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