How Arts and Crafts and Running Mix.

I have never been a really crafty person. Creative yes, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to translate the image I see in my head to the project I want to create. You can ask anyone who attended my first Christmas Ornament Party. I think someone said that I would have made something better if I ate the glitter and pooped it. (And don’t ask why someone as un-crafty as me would want to do an ornament making party in the first place).


But despite my inability, I keep doing crafts. I have found one area where my creativity, craftiness, a glue gun, and usually lots safety pins converged, making costumes for runs.

It may seem silly to get dressed up for a run, but we like to put the fun in run. I guess running a long distance with a tuu-tuu or dressed as Kevin and Russell from Up just makes the experience much more tolerable.

We continue the trend. Today we took another trip to Michael’s. We are onto project tie-dye St Patty’s day shirts. I wanted to do it last year after the success we had with our Mickey tie-dye. Now that we live in a place the really embraces St Patty’s day it seems a must.

I may still be out of commission for running the race next weekend but I should be in commission for a nice walk. Why not do it with some style and flare?


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