Ditched the crutches

I have ditched the crutches and it feels good. In fact not working out at all right now feels really good.

I guess I should amend a bit, I had to assess my foot. The conference came at a good time because it was far enough out to give my foot some rest and because I was flying I did not want to travel with crutches. The walking is good, it’s the standing where I need to remember to not stand solely on my right leg. I know if I do that I will ruin my better leg. (Notice I don’t say good because I have issues with that one to, just not as bad.)

So far so good. Today I did the PT warm up. Next week I will stick with some super low impact workouts. If all is good then I think it’s time to strap on the running shoes. I also think by then I will be done with resting and ready to get my sweat on. Besides, I have some really big runs I need to start at least thinking about.


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