Body Language

Body Language


March is one of my most favorite times of the year. This is the month of St Patrick’s day but more importantly the NCAA basketball tournament happens. I love March Madness.


Yesterday with the loss of Missouri, Duke, and Michigan State my brackets were officially busted. I loved watching these games. One of the reasons I love this tournament so much is because of the possibilities. Any of the 68 schools has a chance of winning. The powerhouse schools usually come out on top, but when a small college manages to win it keeps that dream alive.


As I was watching Lehigh handle Duke I noticed something. The body language of the Duke players told a story. These young men looked defeated. I never sensed they were playing with heart. The loss of the game didn’t seem to hurt them.


In the other games the losing teams played with heart. They held their shoulders high. You could see the determination in their faces. Michigan State and Missouri never quit playing and they believed that they would be able to score the points needed to tie or be victorious. Norfolk State and Ohio played the same way. In the end those teams won because things just went their way.


But Duke on the other hand it was a different story. It is sad when people quit before they start. Maybe Duke was resigned to the fact that they wouldn’t win the championship. Maybe it was the pressure that had mounted on them. I can’t tell you the reason why, all I can tell you is how Duke carried themselves told the whole story.


I didn’t listen to the post game interviews. I’m not sure what they said. But no words could convince me they came to play. Their body language revealed how they were feeling.


This isn’t limited to sports. Your body language gives away your secrets all the time. Be careful what you say.


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