The weather across the country is BEAUTIFUL. Today it was 70 degrees. I’m still in shock that it’s that warm. I feel lucky that this has all happened in our first year living in New England.

The warm weather has drawn me to the beach to look at the water. I have this urge to get back in the water and start surfing again. Just looking at the water, inspecting the waves, has made me yearn for the feel of being one with the ocean. The past two days have been flat. Which is probably good, because I’m not sure I’m ready to get in the not quite freezing water. (Then again that is what a wet suit is made for.)

The weather has also got me wanting to run again. I’m happy to report I am back to exercising again. I haven’t made the full leap into things, but I have gone on a few runs with work and on my own and also done some other workouts. So far the pain has not returned but I keep waiting for it.

But with the warm weather coming back in full force be sure to be safe outside. Wear sunscreen so you don’t get a burn. Drink lots of water so you don’t dehydrate. And most importantly enjoy and have fun!


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