Those Days

Those Days

We all have those days,

The one’s where the cape doesn’t seem to fit right.

So instead of even putting it on

You fold it as neatly as you can,

Put it in the drawer,

And grab the oversized t-shirt

Sitting in the next pile.


The days where you just feel off.

Nothing really gets you right again.

Your clothes don’t fit.

When you hear your voice on your voicemail

You wonder who the stranger is who said your name.

And can’t imagine why anyone seeks your advice.


It’s not like most days.

The days where you put on that red cape.

You are able to leap from tall building to tall building,

Scooping up children from daycare,

Folding all the laundry,

Putting out all of those fires that keep erupting at work,

Cooking a great meal,

Reading to the children,

And finding time to put on some jazz and sip some wine.


Most days the cape seems fitting.

You are able to put it on

And when you do

You live up to the title.

You live up to the expectations.

And you just live.


I like most days.

Thank goodness,

Those days

Well, they only visit

Every so often.


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