To push or not to push.

My daughter decided to try out for track and field. I have to tell you it makes me so proud. I’m so pleased that she is trying something new. I am pleased that she picked a tough sport. I did track for one season in high school and I really wish I had done more so I guess I am living vicariously through her too.


As my daughter embarks on her sports career (she is a three sport athlete right now) I am equally proud of her and equally terrified I am going to push her away from her interests. I don’t think I am a parent who feels the need to push my daughter to make her perform better and better. But sometimes I see how much potential she really has. On those occasions I try to bite my tongue and tell her if she put more effort into what she was doing she would be so much better.


For her sports is a social activity. I’ve watched her in practice, laughing, giggling, and playing around with her teammates. All the while not listening to a word that the coach is saying. It infuriates me to no end. But then I have to force myself to take a step back. She is having fun. She is out there enjoying what she is doing.


I see how talented my daughter could be if she really applied herself. If it becomes something she is truly passionate about I’m sure the talent will come out on it’s own. I just have to wait patiently for her to decide if it is something she wants. In the mean time, I just need to appreciate that she is out there playing sports.



  1. One mom’s opinion…sometimes a little pushing, gently is necessary. Kids cannot always see what we can see (because if they could they would be adults!) and therefore do not realize the possibilities that lie before them. I think sometimes it is our job to show them what might be if they engaged in something, put effort into an activity, showed a kindness towards someone…we sometimes need to give them a little glimpse of the future and this can mean a little pushing. Good Luck, she sounds great!


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