The myth about athletes

My friend Sarah seemed relieved to hear that avid runners have issues with motivation and sticking with workouts. These are the same things that she struggles with. I didn’t realize until she said something that there might be a myth about athletes.

We don’t wear capes. We don’t always eat healthy. We don’t always feel like getting up in the morning and go out for a really long run.

The numerous medals I have hanging next to my bed don’t give me any super powers. They are merely souvenirs from runs and reminders that I like running and staying fit.

The drawer that is bursting open with workout clothes, especially t-shirts from runs, don’t give me any extra will power. They don’t magically make me feel the urge to get out and go for a run. They don’t make me want to do lunges, squats, or planks. All they really do is fill up my dresser and act like any other regular t-shirt.

Yeah sure, when we are in full training mode and we have developed a habit of running so we tend to get a little antsy when we have day off. We might cart around fruit and keep a full bottle of water with us but that doesn’t mean we are saints when it comes to being healthy.

Rest assured athletes are people too. I would take a guess that even some of the elite athletes have their moments.

With that said, don’t be a too harsh of a critic of yourself. Do the best you can. And on the days you really say you don’t have time or just don’t want to, force yourself to do a little something. Because in the end you know you’ll feel better.


  1. I wish my friends and family would read your post. My mum is convinced that I must be running so much that I don’t have time for any fun. I find myself deliberately drinking wine and eating chocolate in front of her when I go round just to remind her that i am still human.


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