Running is my stable life

Running is my Stable life- Kelly Johnston

Running. It does a lot for me. It doesnt just go as far as keeping me happy. It reaches way beyond that. It keeps me from feeling fat. It makes me feel more loving towards everything in my life. It keeps me stable at work when everything is going wrong. It keeps me balanced when I have five billion things coming at me all at once. It makes me feel sexy. Which in turn makes my husband happy. It keeps me from losing my marbles when my daughter poops her pants when I need to get to the airport yesterday. It makes those once size four jeans but now size six jeans feel like I am wearing a size two because of how good my ass looks and feels. It makes me feel like I can take on the world by myself when my husband deploys most of the year. It allows me to drink excessive amounts of wine without guilt. It keeps me from strangling coworkers who just get under my skin. It’s my link to my beautiful mother in law. My therapy beyond the couch. It’s my girls morning out instead of a night. It’s my husbands savor and my daughters joy ride in a stroller. It’s my way of life. The one thing that is always the to give me grace and sanity.


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  1. I feel the same way about running…I run so I can wine, and I run so I can finish the day without being cranky, and I run so my butt looks decent in a pair of spandex leggings. It peps me up – and wears me out – and gets me in the fresh air almost every day…no matter what the temperature might be. (And…I feel the same way about you, Kel!)


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