Is life over after kids?

Some people fear that after they have kids their live will be over. This sentiment has always left me wondering how their life would be over. It is something that I never really understood. After my daughter was born my life continued. When my husband and I added grandkids to the mix for a year, our lives never ceased to exist.

We still had an adventure. It was different, but an adventure nonetheless. With kids our days were filled with little things, simple pleasures. Days playing in the rain or watching ants in the grass on the surface may seem mundane. But sharing those moments with the kids in your life is priceless.

Kids are great, they are up for just about anything. You can throw them on a surfboard, teach them to ski, take them hiking. The video on the Internet with the two-year-old surfing with his parents confirms to me that life is not over, it’s just different. Maybe that couple can’t surf the really big waves right now, but sometimes surfing the baby waves with the family beats the heavy surf.

With summer here, go out and have some new adventures with your kids. Be sure to temper your expectations, don’t always think of the how you want things to be, try to think about how your kids want them to be.

Kids are a great adventure and not one for the feint of heart!

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