Something’s gotta give

Something’s gotta give

After coming home from a Disney Vacation, I found myself sick. I felt like my head was being pushed in at the sides and I had a really fun cough. Even though I wasn’t feeling right, I kept trying to maintain my physical activities.

This proved to be a very bad idea.

I started my training plan for my half and full, have been surfing, and I have to workout with my class. Doing all three was just too much. My body was just beat. Instead of getting healthy from a good workout, all I was doing was getting more and more sick.

Though I hate cutting back I knew something had to give. And for me right now it is running. The cardio part of running is too taxing for me right now. The other day I found myself winded after walking up a small hill.

The big takeaway from this, get healthy. If you don’t you will find you are sidelined from everything.


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