Disney’s Newest Resort

Vacation planning can be tricky. You want both excitement and economy. Our last trip to Disney we visited the newest resort, The Art of Animation which is an excellent combination of both.

While we were waiting for our room at Old Key West to be ready, we stopped by to see what this new resort had to offer. Stepping into the resort was like becoming an animated character from some of our favorite Disney movies. We were all in awe with what we saw.

Each section of the resort was themed from a different movie. We got to walk around Finding Nemo and Cars. The other areas, Lion King and Little Mermaid, were still getting completed.

In the Cars section, we were transported into Radiator Springs. The cast from the movie greeted us as we leisurely strolled down the street stopping to check out Luigi’s tire store and Sarge’s bootcamp. The center-piece of Radiator Springs was the Cozy Cone Motel, which is the pool for the Cars section of the resort. The pool is complete with a motel style entrance with pool facilities and traffic cones to lounge under.


After leaving Radiator Springs we found ourselves under the sea with Nemo and his friends. This section is the location of the large community pool, which is the centerpiece of the resort. As we walked around oversized jellyfish and stingrays greeted us. We rode the East Australian Current with Crush and surfed a giant wave back to shore.


The larger than life characters were enough to captivate the imagination of any child or adult. And the tiny details were magical enough to make you feel like part of the cast.

While I can’t speak for the rooms, I can say that this is the resort has economically priced suites with microwave and refrigerators. The rooms sleep up to six people with is good for large families or families traveling together.

We haven’t stayed there yet, but we are looking forward to an upcoming Disney adventure where we can become part of the animation.

I can’t vouch for the information on this website, but this gives a general idea about rates for rooms.






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