Working out on Vacation

During our two-week family vacation, we traveled to Durango, CO. During our trip we needed to portion our time in a way to we could spend time with family and sight see. This meant not dedicating the time we wanted to our normal running and workout schedule. We found a way to keep active by choosing activities that enhanced our vacation and family time while allowing us to get a work out.


Durango is filled with lots of outdoor sports. We took full advantage of this. On our trip we discovered rock climbing, rappelling, and water rafting. Each one of these sports gave us the chance to try something new yet still get in a good workout. The best part is the sports we chose targeted body parts we don’t normally use in our regular workout routines.

Rock climbing is a great total body workout. We had to make a short hike which gave us a short cardio workout. We did a half-day of climbing that is geared to all fitness levels. We quickly discovered climbing works legs, arms, and core.

Our day on the Lower Animus River was another great opportunity for fitness. We opted to use the inflatable kayaks. This gave us the freedom to navigate the river in a way the raft didn’t. Kayaking is another great upper body and core workout.

We finished our trip with rappelling at Cascade Canyon. While rappelling itself isn’t much of a workout, what goes down 150 ft must come back up. After getting down to the bottom of the canyon we made a 20-minute hike back to the top to do it again. Two hikes in elevation is quite a workout.

A vacation is about spending time with family and having fun. It also gives you a great chance to try new things. Have fun and find a way to keep moving on your vacation!



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