Road Trip!

The allure of travel on the open road. This means road trip! While a road trip can be fun it has the potential to be a disaster. With some planning and preparation it is a great way to see and do a lot of things you can’t when you fly.

This summer my family opted to drive from Rhode Island to Colorado instead of fly. We had two weeks and wanted to see some of the country. The experience was incredible.


We had a basic plan. My husband did initial research to locate places to stop along the way. We didn’t make reservations, but just picked out the cities to make stops. The plan gave us the freedom to change our mind, but kept us on track in terms of getting to Colorado in a timely manner. Jim not only created a base plan, he searched for things to see and do along the way.

Technology was a big contributor to our success. We were equipped with laptops, iPads, and our wireless hotspot. As we drove we made hotel reservations and got details on things that looked interesting.


What to bring is huge. We had a few lifesavers on our trip. One was the electric cooler. It plugs into a wall socket or into a cars cigarette lighter. We kept leftovers from meals cold and had cold cuts for sandwiches. A plastic bin was another must have. We brought food and stopped at grocery stores instead of always eating at a restaurant. The plastic bin keeps your food and cutlery all in once space and protects it from getting crushed.

My daughter’s Nintendo was another must have. While you ideally want everyone to be amazed with the scenery during the drive, the reality is people get bored, especially kids. Make sure you bring things to keep kids entertained.

The most important part of going on a road trip is having fun. Because we drove instead of flying we got to pet horses at a gas station, draw on cars in the Cadillac Ranch, walk on Beale Street, and ride a carousel that was made in 1905. The best part, we got to do all of this as a family.


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