Stinky smelly gyms

Gyms are stinky smelly places. I don’t really enjoy going to them, I prefer to be outside. If given the choice between running outside in freezing temps or going to a gym I pick freezing outside. I went to Louisville and saw my friend Dana. She invited me to her gym for a workout. Though I don’t like gyms I am up for most anything, including trying a gym.

When we walked in the gym, I noticed it smelled like every other gym. I suspect someone bottles the scent and makes sure it is used in every gym to make them all have that familiar smell. I got over the small and we moved on to our Friday morning leg workout.

Dana and I met in Queens College a few years ago. In those days Dana was the anti-workout type. Since we parted ways, Dana has transformed into a fitness buff. When I say buff, I mean buff. Since I don’t do much with weights, it was a bit intimidating hitting the gym with her.

Travis, Dana’s trainer, greeted us and got us started with leg extensions, followed with squats in the smith machine. Though I do squats when I workout, I had to really focus on form. Keeping good form with weight is not an easy feat. Dana was really impressive to watch. While Travis added weight to my bar, he really added the weight to Dana’s. And while she may have been struggling inside, it never showed.

We finished squats and moved to lunges. And what makes lunges more fun than adding a ramp. But wait there’s more, let’s add weights to the mix and see how that goes. After a few sets of lunges it was time for wall sits. I kept smiling even though inside it hurt. And I kept smiling as my legs quit working.

Though my legs were jello, we had one more thing to do. More leg extensions! I was sore for the next few days, but it was a fantastic workout. I still think the gym is a smelly place, but I had a great time. Thanks Travis and Dana!

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