Getting Kids to Give Back

I believe giving back to the community is really important. This is one of those things I want to be sure I pass on to my daughter. I want her to know that giving back should be a priority in her life.


Though it is important to me, teaching my daughter the importance is something I struggle with. Not because we don’t find the time to volunteer, but because I am afraid pushing her to do some things will make her dislike it. I want to find a way to have my daughter enjoy volunteering while impressing the impact it has. In the end I am afraid I will just sound like mom and sometimesicon is easy to tune out.


While we lived in Miami it was easy to get her to volunteer because it was a requirement for school. She had to put in so many hours of work as part of her academic curriculum. Since we moved to Rhode Island we haven’t dedicated as much time to volunteering. We are looking for ways to change that.


A few weekends ago, we got out to give back. We headed out to the local beach for a beach clean up. As with a lot of volunteering, it wasn’t particularly glamorous. But there was trash on the beach and it wasn’t going to pick itself up.


While not everyone was sure of what we were doing,  it was nice to get thanks from some of the beach goers. I hope my daughter could hear just how much it meant to those people that we cared enough about our community to come out and pick up trash.



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