We run, therefore we eat


We run and therefore we eat. The food you eat is the fuel you burn in the course of the day and is the energy you require for a good workout. If you don’t eat enough, eat too much, or eat the wrong stuff you don’t run well.


I really started thinking about food before the Providence Rock n Roll half marathon. Jim and I spent the day before the race not carb loading but calorie loading. We tried to fill our bodies with as much high-energy foods as we could eat. And we tried to do this without going overboard into overly full.


The strategy worked. The morning of the race we got up had an avocado, piece of fruit, and a cup of coffee. All the food we had the day before was enough to sustain us for the duration of the race. We never felt hungry during our run and neither one of us was close to bonking. We brought a Larabar and gel pack just in case, but neither one of us was tempted to use it.


I have been taking this strategy with me through my marathon training. I am very mindful of what I eat a day or two before my long run. I make sure I eat a lot of food during the entire day. And after dinner I make sure I have one more small meal to sustain me. So far during my 15 and 18-mile runs I haven’t had any issues with needing food. I start to feel hungry late in my run because my digestive system wakes up, but I don’t feel like I am out of energy.


During our feast we try and eat foods like black beans, eggs, avocados, lots of veggies and fruit. We look for high-energy foods and try to avoid the high fat foods. It seems to be working. We shall have to wait and see if this works for marathon day.

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