Welcome to Hogwarts


I was browsing through Newport This Week, looking for interesting things to do. One of the ads stood out, Fort Adams was hosting a Quidditch Tournament. This piqued my curiosity.  I imagine I was thinking the same thing as many others. Really? Quidditch? I have to see this.

The weekend was beautiful, a great day for flying around on a broomstick, trying to outmaneuver your opponent and win the Northeast Regional Quidditch Tournament. So we headed over to Fort Adams to check it out.


We walked through the gates of Fort Adams and were transported into a varietal Hogwarts. There were people flying around on brooms. There were elevated hoops. There was a flying snitch. And there were tents erected. The spirit of Harry Potter, sportsmanship, and competition were in the air.


Teams from around the Northeast Region came to the tournament. Schools like Harvard, University of Rhode Island, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Syracuse fielded teams.


The teams were a mix of former high school athletes who love sport and competition and kids who grew up loving Harry Potter and dreaming of being part of the wizarding world. The combination made for an interesting mix of personalities ranging from quintessential nerd to athlete. But as they all gathered to play Quidditch, it made sense, and it worked.


As I watched I realized why this game is so important to these young men and women. They grew up reading the stories. They grew up fantasizing about the world J.K. Rowling created. They wondered if one day they might be able to make it happen. And when they went to college, they made it happen. They brought fiction to life.


It leaves me wondering, in a decade or so, will we see colleges having Hunger Games Tournaments?


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