Choose Your Words Wisely

Choose your words wisely……..words have power.


Recently I was having a conversation with someone about sexual assault. We had a discussion about the word survivor and victim. These words can be used interchangeably when talking about sexual assault, even though these words are very different. Each word paints a very different picture.


When I hear the word victim I think of a person who is helpless. I think of a person who needs to be taken care of. I think of a person who is weak.


When I hear the word survivor I think of a person who is capable of taking care of them. I think of a person who can overcome adversity. I think of a person who has strength.


People reveal a lot about themselves with the words they chose. A person’s words paint a picture of their values and their worldview.


One of the most important things to understand is, words have power. People say, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. But words can have far more impact than physical wounds. Words can hurt the core of a person; words have the potential to change a person.


Stupid, mean, ugly, confident, powerful, beautiful, weak, strong, smart. If you hear the word and believe the word, you can become the word.


Be mindful not only how your words impact people, but also be mindful of how people perceive you because of the words you use. Words have power. That power can either be used for good or evil.



  1. This is brilliant and something I needed to read today. Words are more hurtful FOR sure than a brutal beating. I often tell people that I’ve survived the brutality of two horrific abusive parents. My dad, the stronger more brutal one, was fueled by booze and drugs AND my mother. She would tell him lies about us so that he would beat us BEFORE he could hurt her. No mothering instinct AT ALL to protect her young. However, as bad as he was, we’ve forgiven him because he’s not drinking and taking drugs anymore. He’s 70 and he says he’ll have to take to his grave what he’s done to us kids. My mother’s words and constant criticism of us hurt worse than his beatings. Even when he broke bones, it didn’t hurt as bad as KNOWING she didn’t protect us and that she didn’t approve of or love us really. Her words hurt worse. BTW… I’ve never been a victim because I’m a survivor who became stronger from all of this.

    All that being said, I struggle with the same thing my mother did. I’ve learned to use words as weapons and my husband is constantly telling me to watch what I say. I don’t even realize I’m being mean. I call it my “lack of filter between my brain and my mouth”. Whatever I’m THINKING just naturally gets puked out of my mouth. lol I have to try to pause and just be quiet when I’m seeing or hearing something that I don’t like so that I don’t hurt someones feelings. GOOD post and thanks for the reminder!


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