Thigh Gap and Body Image

running coast(ie) to coast(ie)

The thigh gap; I had never heard of it until the other day. It is the gap between your legs when you stand with your knees together. Apparently it is a must have for young girls today.

Girls share photos of their thigh gap. There are also blog posts providing instruction on what to and what not to work out in order to get a thigh gap.

It makes me sad that some girls are so obsessed with this part of their body. Boys probably don’t care if a girl has a thigh gap or not. The only usefulness in a thigh gap is avoiding chafing during a run, but lets face it body glide does a pretty good job of preventing chafing.

It doesn’t seem worth it to try and shape one part of the body.

I took some time for self-reflection, I wondered if I was a teen…

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