My New Life


The past two weeks I’ve had a chance to really take stock of things. While my knee injury is pretty benign, as it has been healing up I realized something, I think my knee is going to hurt me for the rest of my life. While walking doesn’t hurt, I occasionally find myself twisting or turning and all of a sudden, crap, I get a really nice sharp Tourette’s intensity pain.



I know I won’t be satisfied sitting on the sidelines. This weekend I watched surfers charge head high waves, I wanted to grab my board. This morning Jim and I watched the NYC Marathon, I was ready to put on tights and shoes and log a few miles.


Thousands Run In New York MarathonTomorrow I see the doctor to find out my fate. I am afraid I will hear that my knee will hurt when I run or play other sports. I already suffer that with my ankle because I seemed to have misplaced the cartilage in the joint.  (At least two weeks of rest made the swelling and pain in my ankle stop). Welcome to your life,either accept it or don’t.


  1. I’ll be praying that you get the best possible report, whatever that may be. I completely understand about becoming accepting of life-changing injuries – 20 years in the construction industry has left me a collection of dents and dings that have permanently limited my abilities in some areas; running is well on its way to adding a few more 😦 But like you said, how we FEEL about these things does not alter their reality – so we cope, or we don’t, and that is that. You seems to be coping, good for you! I’ll be looking for an update next week, ok?


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