Our Celebrity Friends

Jim and I like to pick celebrities that can be our friends. Please note the dynamic, I said be our friends not celebrities we want to be friends with. We usually find candidates after we watch celebrity interviews. We pick them because they say something funny or did something we find interesting. Jim and I look at each other and say, they could be our friends.


The list is always evolving. For example when Jim and I first met he wanted to punch Justin Timberlake in the face. Now we both think he is worthy enough to hang out with us.


I’ve noticed most of the people we pick are comedians or just really funny. Our list (and this is not all encompassing so any celebrities we’ve left out we are sorry) includes Maya Rudolph, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Molly Shannon, Will Farrell, Steve Carrell, Dennis Leary, Will Smith, Peyton Manning, and Tina Fey. We aren’t limited to just actors, our list also includes athletes, singers, songwriters, and that guy who just did the sports as Ron Burgundy.Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 5.15.53 PM

The more I thought about this the more I thought it would be fun to host a contest for some celebrities to get a chance to hang out with the Flynns. They could win an all expense vacation (flying Southwest of course so their bags fly free) to Newport, RI. In Newport they would stay in the finest accommodations (our spare bedroom) and dine on gourmet meals (this one is real because Jim is an amazing chef). Amenities include petting zoo, exclusive access to hang out with the Flynn family, unlimited use of sports equipment in the garage and house, access to the mini beer and wine fridge, and free Wi-Fi.

Newport Pics

The winner will be whisked away to a mixture of relaxation and fun. They will get to enjoy seeing what life is like with people who don’t have a clue what paparazzi is like. They will get to experience the small town homey feel Newport has to offer. From surfing, to running, to exploring the historic mansions, to fine dining on Broadway, the winner will get to enjoy all the city has to offer. They will get away from the limelight and get to be a normal person for a while, at least as normal as they can be when hanging out with the Flynns.

Photo Collage



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