When did I become a homework assignment?


Last weekend Kia started driver’s ed. Let us start by saying how on earth did she ever get old enough to drive. The transition from really super cute cuddly kid to grown-up real person happened too fast for me.


After she finished class last Sunday, I asked if she had any driving homework. She said nothing, except to watch adults drive. At that moment Jim and I became her homework assignment.


I had to pause. Her homework is to watch how we drive; how we react to other drivers, how we look or don’t look at our cell phones, how we cheat and run the light because we are too impatient, how we check our blind spot before we change lanes, and in general how we act behind the wheel. My mind raced, doing a mental checklist of sorts, trying to decide what kind of driver I am.


Reflecting back on the week I didn’t focus too much on the assignment. I just drove. Kia sat on the passenger side or in the back seat and watched.


Moments like these highlight certain realities. We’ve been her homework her whole life. Kia has always watched. She watched good and bad, smart and stupid, nice and mean, accidents and on purposes. Even those times when we didn’t think she was paying attention, she still watched.

Darcy and Kia       DSCN1229



    1. Thank you. I think it is interesting that we don’t get to chose the moments we are a role model.

      Glad to hear you went through the same thing and survived. I guess my next duties as a role model will be on how well I instruct driving from the passenger seat!


      1. Oh that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. It’s amazing how much we do behind the wheel that we do so automatically that we’ve forgotten we do it.
        Best of luck!


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