Blog Selfie

Right now on Facebook people are sharing “things you might not know about me”.


Instead of using Facebook (and this will inevitably end up being shared there) I though it would be just as fun on my blog.

10 things you might not (or you might) know about me.

1-    My mother and my daughter are my biggest sources of inspiration and motivation.  DSC00460

2-    My dad is the reason I have passion, drive, and fight.  DSCN1859

3-    Jim is my rock and my sounding board, he reminds me to have fun and enjoy life.  DSCN1641

4-    One day I want to tell a story on the Moth and give a talk on TED.

5-    When I take things to dumpsters at night (which I don’t have to do often) I am afraid a raccoon or something will jump on me and tackle me.

6-    I really want to do a triathlon but I have a slight fear of the swimming part. I am confident I can physically accomplish the task it is a mental thing. I am terrified of running into the fish like the one in finding Nemo with the light on it and all the teeth.


7-    Failure doesn’t scare me as much as not trying.

8-    Lima beans and peas are still yucky.

9-    The first two times I took the SAT I didn’t score over 1,000.

10-I carry my camera with me almost everywhere (and not the one on my phone because I have an old school phone that doesn’t take good pictures) and I take pictures of weird and random stuff I see.

DSCN3517 DSCN3516


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