The suck pile

The match up: Goldie Blox vs Beatie Boys and the parody kind of commercial that went viral


The contenders:

Goldie Blox a new company that markets engineering toys for girls.

Beastie Boys a NYC based hip-hop group who has been around since 1981


The fight:

Goldie Blox creates a parody using the Beastie Boys hit song “Girls”. Parody goes viral. Beastie Boys does not want their songs used in advertising. Goldie Blox sues to be allowed to use the song (not for money). Beastie Boys releases an open letter saying they support women and girls and breaking gender biases. Goldie Blox removes song from video.


The winners and the losers:


Goldie Blox wins because they get a lot of publicity.

Beastie Boys wins they get publicity too.



The kids who might be inspired to get into science and technology because they saw the video. The country as a whole because we have a major shortage of students who want to study science and technology.


The bottom line:

Shame on the grown ups.


Goldie Blox it is NOT okay to take things that are not yours. Yeah it was a super cute and fun video, but you have to ask permission before you use a copyrighted song. This is legal 101, duh.


Beastie Boys claim to support women and breaking gender biases. They wrote an open letter about it, who cares? Those are words; if you really mean it show it by action. If this video pushed any kids to pursue science and technology then it did it’s job and it makes your claim really petty.


In general, adults really suck at doing things with the best interest of kids. We might talk a good game, but it is just talk. This fight just gets added to the suck pile.


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