Dear Ellen,

DSCN3687One of the shows I try to catch if I am at home in the afternoon is Ellen. She is one of the celebrities that Jim and I would be friends with. So on the off chance that it happens, I think our friendship would benefit if I watch her show from time to time.

We recently graduated a class and started our holiday break. That means a little bit of down time from work. Which means I can sit down and enjoy watching the Ellen show.

Seeing that it is the holiday season, the Ellen show is celebrating the holiday in grand fashion with the 12 days of giveaways. Ellen gives away these amazing gifts to the audience members. It has a similar feel to Oprah’s favorite things give away.


As I watched the show and saw the audience get all in a tinsel about their new stuff my head was not screaming or bouncing with joy like the audience. It wasn’t jealousy either. Instead, I started to feel sad.

Ellen revealed trips, gift cards, and tablets. With each new gift I heard myself saying, I don’t need that, I don’t need that.

As I scanned the audience I thought to myself, these are people who probably don’t need this stuff. These are people who can afford to take a day off from work to watch Ellen record a show.  For the audience these are nice things to have but, their lives probably won’t be impacted because they got it.

There are people who could really use a $500.00 gift card. There is a kid who could use a new tablet for school. There are people whose lives would probably improve if they received some of this stuff.

I get it, the event is about giving and spreading Christmas joy. But there has to be a better way. Encouraging indulgence just doesn’t strike me as spreading anything but a sense of entitlement to get free stuff.

However I get it, shows like these keep viewers interested and it is great advertising.

I just wish there was a better way for shows to share Christmas spirit, a better way than giving away lots of stuff.



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