Best mile EVER

The best mile ever

It was far from graceful. It was nice and slow.

But for me it was the best mile ever.


After being laid up from running, ummm…..laid up from pretty much all physical activity, I finally got the all clear to start doing stuff again.


My last trip to the doctor we ruled out a torn meniscus and are leaning more to your knee is just a hot mess. Though it’s not a definitive diagnosis, we are trying to find out what makes the hot mess not a hurt mess. So we are trying steroids.


With a roided up knee and a few days of rest it was time to put my leg to the test.

Yoga- check.

Running- check.

Next up paddleboard.


Yeah it hurts and I have to ice after, but just getting out there is amazing.

I think it is one of the best gifts I’ve gotten all year.



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