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The other day my husband and I were looking to add a few more Christmas movies to our collection. We haven’t tired of watching Elf, Christmas Vacation, Family Stone, and Scrooged, but we wanted to add a few classics to our collection.


Jim did a little bit of research on line to check the list of must watch holiday movies. “Holiday Inn” topped the list. We checked Netflix but it wasn’t available so we decided we’d head down to our local Walmart to buy it. Jim checked the website to see if they sold Holiday Inn and White Christmas (another movie we have never bothered to watch) and what we learned was shocking. Neither of these movies is rated and in order to buy them on line you have to be at least 17 years old.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 6.57.22 AM


What happened next is truly disturbing. We went to our local Walmart and these not rated movies were mixed with all the rated movies and anyone could buy one, even our 16-year-old daughter. As a parent of a youngster I was outraged. This type of nonsense is just not right.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 6.58.13 AM

My outrage prompted action so I did some research to find out who is doing something about this travesty. There are a few groups who are currently fighting Walmart to stop them from selling not rated movies in their stores.


Strengthening Children by Acting, Reacting, Eliminating, and Destroying is a group dedicated to protecting children from seeing any content that is questionable. They have written an open letter to Walmart asking for the removal of not rated films from their shelves. They cite research conducted by Examining Data in Time. The EDIT group views large amounts of media and studies the affects on kids. EDIT found that kids who watched not rated movies like “White Christmas” were prone to sudden outburst of song and uncontrollable body movements.


Another group Finding, Eliminating, And Removing is a group dedicated to protecting all people from seeing distasteful content. They have partnered with SCARED to pressure Walmart against selling not rated movies. FEAR has even threatened a lawsuit if Walmart does not act.


As a parent and a citizen I am so happy to know that there are groups out there working to keep me and my family safe. When common sense doesn’t prevail I feel better knowing SCARED and FEAR are out there helping to keep us safe.


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