Fashion Faux Pas: Spiked Drinking


In recent years the loftiness of shoes have soared with pumps, stilettos, and wedges reaching dangerous and record heights. While these shoes may be the height of fashion, combining them with drinking can be a dangerous mix.

Doctors are seeing more injuries to ankles and knees after people have had a night on the town with a few drinks while wearing high heels. These types of injuries tend to spike around holidays like New Year’s Eve, St Patrick’s Day, and Cinco De Mayo.

Liquor companies launched a campaign to flatten the problem by warning people of the dangers of drinking and wearing high heels. They rolled out a series of public service announcements encouraging people to wear flat shoes if they attend a function where alcohol might be served.

Initially the shoe industry was outraged but they stepped up to the challenge by creating a high fashion line of drinking flats. These shoes allow wearers to soar to fashion heights while being a little more grounded and stable.

Revelers are already singing the praises of these flat shoes. One woman who chose to be anonymous said, “I feel like such a heel when I stumble on nights like New Year’s Eve. My new drinking flats are so cute and help keep me safe from twisting an ankle.”

Happy New Year, stay safe and drink responsibly.

(Inspired by a woman I saw leaving a bar wearing stilettos. She nearly broke her ankle because she was drunk and couldn’t stand. Thank goodness her boyfriend was there to carry her home.)



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