Pixie cut princess

Kia birthday_1

Kids and long hair can be a challenge. I remember my daughter managed to get her hair tangled up so badly one time the only thing I could do was grab a pair of scissors to free her.  The pain of brushing out the dreaded up lock was unbearable. Another time she got tired of her bangs and cut them off. Both times she ended up sitting in a stylist chair to fix the awkward new doo and both times she was left with a short bob.


Haircuts are often needed after a sticky situation or a self-inflicted (or sibling inflicted) hair don’t happens. While this may not be an issue for little boys because they are often encourage to wear short hair, it can be problematic for little girls. After an incident and the subsequent visit to the salon parents often say in hushed tones things like “it will grow back” or “at least it will be easy to brush now.” Why not say instead “you look just like a princess.”


It is hard to tell a little girl she looks like a princess when her hair is short because princesses have long hair. The Disney princesses all have long hair. (Though you can make an argument that Snow White and Rapunzel from “Tangled” have short hair.) Barbie princesses have long hair. Princess Fiona from “Shrek” has long hair.


The pixie cut was a big deal in 2013. Celebrities like Kristen Chenoweth, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emma Watson all lopped off their locks. We are now in 2014, how about a Disney Princess who is willing to rock the pixie cut? Then when our daughters have to go into the salon to “fix” an issue with their hair we can say to them, you look just like Princess _____________.



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