Learning to take the plunge…REALLY???

Great blog about fear. I know a lot of people who try to control things because they are afraid of what will happen if they let go. Fear is so powerful, but we have the power to control our fears and let go.

Culture Monk

polar plunge one

By Kenneth Justice

~ ” Kenneth, I guess I would say it’s mind-blowing. I go through the motions every single day of my life and looking back at it all I realize how oblivious I was to the simple fact that the world is a lot bigger place than my little job and apartment

I was sitting at coffee in Costa Rica a few weeks ago and had met a young man from the United States who was enjoying the seventh day of his vacation in Central America. It was his first trip ever outside of the U.S. and I had asked him what his thoughts were so far on his trip.

I guess one of the things I’ve learned this past week is that when I’m back home I tend to get upset and wrapped up in a lot of stupid s**t, and being down here helps…

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