What will you decide my legacy is? (Daily prompt)

What will you decide my legacy is? (Daily prompt)

Simple Minds, The Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson defiantly throwing his hand in the air as he walks past the goal post.


The year was1985, the movie had an impact on my life. I watched it, I studied it, for a brief moment I wanted detention so I could land in the middle of the movie. The movie is a great experiment in sociology, a great study of high school, cliques, and people.


The Breakfast Club has not been forgotten. In 2010, the movie Easy A pays tribute to movies of the 80’s, John Hughes movies, to The Breakfast Club. In 2012 Pitch Perfect does the same, going so far to include the Simple Minds song Don’t You in a glee club mash up.


As I’ve gotten older I’ve become aware my time on this earth is running shorter. As I look back on my life I wonder, what have I done that really matters? Have I done anything that makes me memorable? Do I have a legacy?


20 years after being released on the big screen, The Breakfast Club still has relevance. There is a new generation of kids who can recite lines like, “No dad, what about you?”


What I realize is while John Hughes made a lot of great movies, the reason they remain relevant is because people make them that way. His legacy lasts and he is remembered because people want to remember.


I can give a list of things I want to leave as a legacy and I want to be remembered for, but I don’t decide. It is the people left on earth who decide your legacy. I just hope I do enough good stuff that my legacy will be kindness, empathy, creativity, and love.




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