Weir having fun now

Coverage of the Olympic games is usually pretty drab, pretty hum drum, and pretty run of the mill. In the 2014 Sochi Olympics I found some coverage that is pretty but it is so much more. Johnny Weir and Tara Lapinski’s coverage of figure skating is fun.

Fun is not an adjective that is usually associated with Olympic coverage. The games are serious. Athletes train for this single moment. For some this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. While we want to respect this moment for the athletes, some announcers err on the side of serious and forget that there is a whole element of fun.

This is sport. While we play to win and to compete, we also play because it is fun. If it wasn’t fun why bother?

Weir and Lapinski make it fun. They do a great job of balancing the serious moments of figure skating with the fun elements of the sport.

It’s also fun wondering what Weir and Lapinski will wear, but that just part of the sparkle of their commentary. Thank you, we love watching you.

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