Listen, I’m a patient and a person


Doctors are amazing.  Their job is to diagnose injury and illness and get people feeling better. I applaud them for their effort.


While doctors do a lot of great things, there is one area that many doctors need to work on, listening.


My most recent injury has been frustrating for two reasons.


One- I am out of commission and the healing process is sloooooooow.


Two- When I visited the doctor, he didn’t listen. He was so focused on what he thought was the problem. After checking out the x-rays and doing his examination I felt like he was ready for me to get out of his examination room.


Being out of commission sucks. But being out of commission and not communicating well with your doctor is really frustrating.


I was trying to say that this injury didn’t feel like any other sprained ankle I’ve had. I was trying to understand why I was getting such poor circulation to my foot and toes.  I was trying to understand when I should come back for a follow up.


Instead I was given a list of exercises to do for therapy and told to come back in four months if my foot still hurt.


All I wanted was for the doctor to listen to my concerns and then respond to those concerns.


I’ve often heard you are the best advocate for your own healthcare, and this means being persistent and finding someone who does listen. And I did. We still don’t have all the answers, but right now I don’t just need someone who is a good diagnostician. I need someone who will treat me like a patient and a person.



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