Finish the race

The other day Jim and I were watching Paralympic snowboard cross.  (Thankfully it was available on demand or we would have missed it completely.) The American men rocked the event. They swept the medals. Each of the men navigated the course almost flawlessly and with such ease.


While we were watching I noticed something, a lot of the boarders fell during their run. I thought it was interesting, instead of quitting they got up and finished.


One really stuck out. I can’t remember the rider’s name or his country, but he was about half way through the course and flew into the safety netting. Once he stopped sliding, he untangled himself from the netting and restarted from where he left the course.


It takes a lot of courage to stand up again after a fall. Starting is really important but after you start then what? It is so easy to quit when things get hard. It is so easy to quit when you get off course. Finishing can be hard but it is worth it.

As we watched the events in the Paralympics we saw how the athletes needed to finish their race. When we watched we the Olympics didn’t see the need to finish as much as we saw the desire to win. The USA men’s hockey team is a prime example. After they failed to advance to the gold medal match they quit. They didn’t finish what they started.


There aren’t enough John Steven Ahkwaris or Derek Redmonds in the world. People who dared to finish last, but more important people who dared to finish.




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