Jim is part of the seaweed analysis program with Clean Ocean Access.  Every Saturday he and a group of people head down to the beach to see how much seaweed is on the beach.  They are interested in finding out if there is something we are doing to make the seaweed grow and end up on the beach.


Since my injury most Saturdays I stay at home with my foot propped up on a pillow. I sit and watch television, do some reading, grade stuff, or write.  Today was beautiful.  The thermometer read over 50° so I went to the beach with Jim. Why not enjoy the ocean view while reading my book and listening to music?


For a while I watched the surfers.  Something occurred to me as I watched them, something I know but I had forgotten. A lot of time out in the water is spent sitting and waiting patiently. Sometimes it is waiting for your turn. Sometimes waiting for the next set. Sometimes waiting for your arms to recover so you can try paddling again.


Not only is there a lot of waiting, there is trial and error. There are times when you paddle and miss the wave. When you do you have to go back out and try again.


The sport takes a lot of patience.


I’ve spent months out of the water. But sitting today and watching was a great reminder. Right now I am just between sets.



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