Not good, not bad, just is


There is a Taoist fable about a farmer. In the story things happen that people say is bad luck, things like his horse running away. There are also things that people say is good luck, things like his horse returning with another horse. The farmer responds to both with the same reaction, it is neither good nor bad that’s just the way it is.


This week I experienced one of those moments.


At the beginning of the week I got hacked, my credit card got compromised. I ended up spending a good portion of a night on the phone straightening things out. Bad luck, right?


When I got my new credit card and I called to activate it I found out that there was a promotion on balance transfers. Jim and I have been actively working to pay off our debt and we are down to one card with an outstanding balance. The balance transfer means we get to save some money. Good luck, right?


In the end it was neither good nor bad, it just was.



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