Dude, where’s my car?

Jim and I have always been a two-car family. It makes sense, because we both drive and we both have places to go during the day like work and school.


My parents promised our daughter Kia a car when she turned 16. It took us a while to add the car to the collection but Kia didn’t get her learner’s permit until winter and she won’t get her license until June.


Jim just finished his spring semester at Roger Williams. He had a short break until he started a summer class. It was the only time we would have to get the car, so Jim flew down to North Carolina and brought back a 2003 Kia Rio. (What a great car to start driving with.)


Since we still only have two licensed drivers in the house, the Kia has become Jim’s commuter car. He takes it to school and to drive around town. The gas mileage is better than the other cars we have.


Last night Jim and I went for a date, dinner at The Fastnet Pub. We drove the Kia downtown. Because it is Memorial Day weekend, we figured parking would be at a premium, especially in the free spots. Our parking karma was good, and we landed a sweet spot right in front of Corner Café.


Dinner was great. We ran into friends, made new friends, enjoyed food, and enjoyed each other’s company. Both Jim and I have been really busy lately, so any time we are always happy when we get to spend time together not talking about calculus, chemistry, or work.


Not being late night people after dinner we walked back down to head home. We stopped in front of Corner Café and the car was gone. I asked Jim where are car was. He pulled out a key and looked at me and said, “You’re kidding, right?” I wasn’t.


Our abrupt introduction to being a three-car family meant I was looking for a gold Subaru, not a blue Kia. A small heart attack later, we were driving home in our “new” car.


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