The fear of healing


The other day I was driving to work and saw some people running. As I watched the runners I imagined them all falling down with injuries. I had visions of each of them rolling their ankle.


This last week of physical therapy we’ve made major progress. I’ve been able to do several exercises that a few weeks ago brought pain, the bad pain. This is good news. This means the tear is healing and my ankle is getting stronger.


I realize while my leg is getting stronger my mind has a ways to go.  Part of me feels satisfied not running again (ever) because I have this fear of injuring myself. What if….what if I do it again?


Once I’m fully healed the demons in my mind will be the biggest hurdle.


Fear is such a powerful thing. It is even more powerful when you imagine the injury and can still feel the pain. The pain in my leg but also the pain of not being able to do the things I love.



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