We’ll get ’em next year


Can you imagine not getting a chance every year to win a championship? Right now the Miami Heat has their back against the wall because it looks like it is San Antonio Spurs’ year. But that’s okay, Miami can always get ‘em next year if they get beat.


This takes the pressure is off, knowing you get to come back next year. You get time to regroup and rebuild. You get time to focus on your weaknesses and improve. In the off- season you can apply the lessons learned and become a more seasoned and wiser player. The team can come together and next year they can be stronger.


How crazy it would be if we did our championships every for years? The players would age quite a bit between trips to the tournament. The fans would likely lose interest in the sport and their team. Heck, they probably would be so disinterested after all that time passed that no one would show up to support their team.


Who really wants to have to play every championship game like it counts because you won’t have next year? That’s just silly, right? Or maybe it’s just World Cup Crazy.


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