Old surf chicks



Surfing seems to be a sport of young women. I know quite a few ladies in their teens and twenties who surf. But as the age decades pass there are fewer and fewer women in the water. It leaves me to wonder why.


The list of reasons would probably mirror the list of reasons why people say women leave the work force or are not in the leadership positions in business. My guess, people would claim the mother syndrome is why women leave business and surfing. Grow up, have babies, become responsible, life gets in the way, and viola you no longer have time for yourself and what you want to do.


Here is the thing, I don’t buy into the mother thing. Yes it is probably a factor both in surfing and the workplace, but it is too easy to say that is the root cause. As with many things it is an oversimplification.


The lack of old surf chicks presents a problem for me, surf fashion. Most women’s surf attire is designed for an eighteen year old ass and boobs that haven’t seen childbirth. Yes I can find swimsuits and wetsuits but as you get older you realize if you wear clothes designed for young people you end up looking like an old person trying to look young and in turn end up looking older.


Outside of fashion, I think it would really nice to meet more ladies that surf who I share more in common with than some of the ladies I meet now. I’m sure at some point I’ll find more wise women of the waves, until then I guess it’s just me and the old dudes on dawn patrol.



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