Ice bucketed

I’ve successfully avoided getting challenged to dump ice water on my head until this week. At chorus camp the ice bucket challenge was in full force. My dear sweet wonderful Kia decided of all people to nominate it would be mom. While I was honored I wasn’t fully on board with the challenge.


Okay I get the concept the challenge is a great way to raise awareness about ALS. While awareness is awesome awareness doesn’t buy the things it takes to find a cure.


So before I accepted the challenge I told Kia we needed to donate some money to ALS, not the full challenge money but some. And that is what we did. But because I am partial to organizations that expose kids who don’t normally get out in the water to surfing I donated to the surf bus foundation also.



  1. I LOVE how you did the ice bucket challenge but STILL donated money! We were just having a conversation about this today. Awareness is great, but money is what’s going to help find a cure. 🙂 Although someone did say that the ALS has received 6 million more in donations this year. My guess is it’s from people like you!!! 🙂


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