Pitch Power


The movie industry has a number of movies that show people leading a group through a perilous situation. Inspiring each member of the team to do more than they thought they could. The leader coaxes the team to come together to do something extraordinary.


Unfortunately very few movies show women doing the leading.


This occurred to me last night after Jim and I watched “Pitch Perfect.”


What does a movie about college a cappella singing have to do with leadership? On the surface not much. “Pitch Perfect” is a fun movie with kids singing covers using only their mouth as instruments.


But look a little closer and you’ll find it. The Barden Bellas are in trouble. The movie starts and the Bellas can’t seem to stomach the idea of winning the national a cappella title. So the next year the girls have to re-build and sing their way back up to the top. Along the way things don’t go so well, the songs are stale, the girls don’t trust each other, the team needs a leader. There are plenty of male characters in the movie but the script doesn’t call for them to come in and strike a chord of harmony with the ladies instead the movie has Beca lead the way because she’s got the brass do to it.


Beca doesn’t lead by force she uses influence to bring out the best notes in everyone. The girls go from being a bunch of solo singers to a cohesive chorus.


We need more movies like this. Not only do we need more movies like this but we need to acknowledge the ones that we already have.


Leadership comes in more tones than Wall Street and war movies.


Thank you Elizabeth Banks, keep leading the way.

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