Mad Love


I am so mad I could scream.


Okay not really. Actually most of the time Jim and I get along really well. We both think anger is a waste of energy. But there are times when I am feeling ornery. When that happens it doesn’t matter what Jim does, I end up annoyed and sometimes I get mad. (Yes I admit this is something I need to work on.)


The most awesome thing about Jim is I know I can get mad at him and he still loves me. And Jim can get mad at me too and I will still love him.


That is a pretty amazing feeling.


We trust each other enough to be able to say the hard things, things that might anger the other person. But that type of honesty is awesome because it means Jim has my back.


As I consider some of the relationships in my life, I recognize some are rather tenuous. I have relationships with people where we can’t fight, we can’t say anything that might upset the other person, and we can’t really be honest with each other. I guess that really isn’t much of a relationship it is more of an acquaintance.


While I’m not a fan of fighting I know when I can fight with someone it is a sign of trust. This deep trust leaves me vulnerable to being hurt, but it also leaves me open to being deeply loved.


So I guess it is worth the fight.


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