Quirky Christmas


We have some quirky Christmas traditions, things we do to get us in the holiday mood. Our traditions are a blend of things Jim and I did before we got married, we merged them together and formed our fun Flynn family traditions.


This year we got off to a slow start. Normally we begin our holiday celebrations immediately after Thanksgiving. But this year Jim went by himself to visit his kids in Minneapolis. I realize even if Kia and I had joined him we probably wouldn’t have done much because Jim spent Thanksgiving focused on his studies.


This was a tough semester for both of us. Jim had a class load that was not for cowards. Every moment he was not in school he was studying or working on one project or another. As for me I learned being married to a college student is really lonely. We were more like roommates then a married couple, Jim would sit and study and I would do my best to not bother Jim so he could study.


After Jim finished his last final I thought he would come home in high spirits and ready to celebrate. Instead he was tired. He said his last final was page after page of information about marine vertebrates. A few days later Jim’s grades started coming in and he could finally relax. The semester did not get the best of him, he passed all of his classes.


Now that school was out of the way we could start tending to the business of Christmas. Every year we get an ornament, trim the tree, listen to lots of Christmas music, make homemade hot chocolate, sip spiked eggnog, look at lights, watch Christmas movies, and read “A Christmas Story”. Some of our list is relatively easy but others require a bit of work.


Jim and I are hosting Christmas and my parents came in town early so they got to join us on some of our traditions. We picked out our new ornament, drank some homemade hot chocolate, trimmed the tree, and finished chapter 1 of “A Christmas Story.” (Chapter 1 is the only chapter we must finish every year, in all of the years we have been reading the book we’ve only finished it once.) It was nice sharing our quirky Christmas traditions with my mom and dad.


With just a few more days before THE big day, we have quite a lot of movie watching to do.


Bring on the nog and the movies!


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