2014, 2015, and Today


The New Year is so close you can almost see it cresting over the horizon. With just a few days left in 2014 it seems appropriate to reflect on the year, look back on the things we’ve done, ponder what we wanted to do, and assess what we’ve learned. However I find instead of looking back I am more interested in looking ahead. 2015 is a big year for this family, with two seniors in the house how can it not be?


In a blink May and June will be here.


Jim will graduate from Roger Williams University in May. After spending thirty years in the Coast Guard he decided to go to school and earn a degree. It has been a tough road but Jim stuck with it and is set to finish. Once he graduates, what’s next? Find a career, work on an advanced degree, volunteer, get a job bartending?


In June Kia graduates high school. We will no longer be a slave to the public school calendar. But that means my baby is grown up. She will turn 18. She will be allowed to vote, she can enlist in the military. Right now she is unsure about what she will do after graduation, but whatever she decides graduation signifies a big life change, for both of us.


With a New Year moments away we can look back to a past that we cannot change, we can look ahead to a future that we can’t predict, or we can try and enjoy each moment of today.


The year and the future will come no matter what I do, so I guess I just need to find a way to stay in the present.

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